Week 2

In this recording session I started off by completing a studio induction worksheet. This went through the order of the power up procedure in the studios . As well as going through this we recapped what we had covered the previous session which involved discussing the different equipment used in the studio. After we had gone through this we applied the theory we had learnt and put it to practical use in groups in the studios.

In this performance session we went through basic vocal warm ups to prepare us for the beginning part of the lesson which involved singing in preparation for our group vocal performance. During the vocal warm ups, we discussed why it was important to do warm ups before singing. The song that the group chose was Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac. As a group we sung the song a couple times so that everyone was okay with the song. In the other half of the lesson we were split into two groups and were given the task of composing a short song.

In this MIDI session we went over how to get ultra beat up on logic and how to use it to create quick drum beats. As well as this we were given the task of creating a short composition. I decided to pick the film based idea. My main melody is in the key of Cm. I’ve also started to layer the melody up with a string ensemble and also a piano.


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