Week 4

In this next recording session we went through using a patch bay for recording. As well as this we spent awhile going over the assignment briefs for our sessions for this term . During this lesson I used a SM58 microphone to record percussion to go along with Jack playing bass. In this performance session we continued to practice singing don’t stop as part of a vocal ensemble for our performance together. After that we got split into pairs to come up with a short original composition. In the composition I used an acoustic guitar whilst Jack played on bass. The second time around we had different partners. This time around I was with Hallum. He played a Spanish themed melody on guitar whilst I played a chord progression over the top.

In MIDI I began to edit my track with automation to make the different instruments gradually play instead of it sounding to sudden. I focused on making sure the flute didn’t sound to loud when it started playing. Since last week I’ve added a percussion kit for the bridge build up. I also decided to add in a Caribbean steel drum whitch weirdly fits in nicely with the heavy amounts of orchestral instruments. I also added a drone which makes the song sound slightly darker and more fuller.


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