Week 6

Today in recording we started off filling in a drum sheet. This included information about Close/spot microphones and how to use dynamic microphone to pick up drum sounds from one direction as they’re less sensitive. In addition to this i also looked at polar patterns and how they pick up different sounds. Also i looked at space paired(overhead mics). The positives of them are that they capture left and right sounds. The main negatives are that it can cause phase which is a thin sound over the recording . I also looked at coincident pairs which cross over each other. As I have no previous experience setting up microphones or using drum kits, this handout was very helpful.

In second session of the week we chose the songs that we wanted to perform at the Christmas gig at the Archery centre in Eastbourne . We all decided on Supersonic by Oasis and Dakota by Stereophonics. In both songs I play guitar.


In MIDI today we briefly went over stereo spreaders and also adaptive limiters to give our songs a fuller sound on logic. I used the adaptive limiter and I can really hear a different in my piece now. As well as this I continued to make progress on my film piece which is very close to coming to an end.



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