Week 7 –  The Archery centre

In this recording session I had to re record the acoustic guitar on the track for Counting stars. As a group we did complete a short version of the song however I didn’t have time to mix it on my own.

On the last week of term leading up to Christmas we had a gig at the Archery centre on Seaside Road in Eastbourne.During the performance my guitar amp definitely needed to be turned up. Although i could hear my guitar,  in the recording it can’t be heard at all. Overall Supersonic was fairly decent in comparison to Dakota . As different members of the group had to rearrange themselves to get prepared for Dakota it did seem quite unorganised on stage between Supersonic and Dakota. I don’t think this really was anyone’s fault as we hadn’t spent much time making a smooth transition. The second performance didn’t go quite to plan down to some technical issues for the drummer and tuning problems for the lead guitarist . The drummer was unable to hear much of what was being played through his headphones and therefore found it hard to play . This was why we restarted a few times . This was my first performance playing guitar live so I leant a fair bit whilst doing it. The first thing I definitely will remember for next time is too check the volume of my amp to level it out with the rest of the groups instruments.

In the session on Wednesday I downloaded a clip of the film Road To Perdition so I could start on ideas for the backing track. So far I have a rain loop, a piano section and also a cello over the top of the piano. Next lesson I’ll add a intro and start finding effects for the gun fire and footsteps.


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