Week 8

In today session we discussed stylistic elements of psychedelic rock. After analysing different songs from well known bands we applied what we had discussed to make a song in a psychedelic style. During this I played guitar. The key of the song was in Am.

In today’s session we had to analyse our own work and write down the strengths and weaknesses. My main strength so far is my chose of instruments fit nicely. My main weakness is that I haven’t done much yet. We also had to analyse another persons work. The piece i listened to was backing to Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two. My only main criticism was that for me the instrumental seemed to joyful for the scene. I suggested using a minor key to alter this.
When I got back to my own work I started to find gun sound effects to use for my scene. The original scene doesn’t have any gunfire. I wanted to add the sounds of the guns to make it seem more dramatic when the bodies hit the floor. When I decided to include the gunfire I didn’t realise how hard it would be to have the guns in sync with the sounds of the guns especially with multiple guns going off at the same time.


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