Unit 8 – Week 1

In this first week we were told about unit 8 and what we needed to do to pass all of the units. I wasn’t to certain what I was going to do for unit 8 but by the end of it I had a verse for my song . At the moment the song consists of piano and acoustic guitar. After the chords were worked out, Joe and I rehearsed through the song a couple times.

In the next session I planned to record an acoustic guitar and also the piano. The piano was recorded so we copied and pasted the sections so I could play over the top of the piano. This definitely took longer then expected. Parts of the track seemed to go at a different speed to how I wanted to originally play the guitar parts which contributed to such a long time being spent on recording it. To record the guitar we used a microphone and plugged it around the desk. As the piano parts took a while to record I just had to adjust the speed I was used to playing at. For next session I definitely need to re record the acoustic guitar as it didn’t sound quite right.







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