Unit 8 – Week 2

In today’s session I planned to re record the acoustic guitar. I changed the microphone i had used the day before to SM58 Rode microphone and a microphone from a drum kit to be used as an overhead microphone to record an acoustic guitar. Unfortunately it still isn’t sounding quite right against the piano that my peer had recorded. I’m more then likely going to record an electric guitar as I think it will be a whole lot quicker. Although I was unable to record the guitar, I did come up with a chorus and bridge section to complete the song. By the end of the session I had recorded the electric guitar through the desk. The chorus was influenced by the song “Hotel California”and the bridge was more in the style of Amy Winehouse.

In this rehearsal session we arranged who was going to play the bass and also the lead guitar. I spent most of the time going through what the chords were so that the other guitarist and bassist knew what was being played and what the structure of the song was. After we went through the structure and chords of the song we were able to rehearse through it. As it was our first time rehearsing through it did take a while for everyone to play together which was expected. Overall i think this first session rehearsing went alright.


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