Unit 8 – Week 3

This week the bassist recorded a rough copy of what he was going to record as we didn’t have enough time to record there and then. So far the bass is sound very good against what we have so far.
In the next session we listen through what we had and a member of staff  noticed that the piano hadn’t been played to a click when it had been recorded. As I was playing to the piano, all of the guitar parts were also out of time. Thankful we had only recorded the piano and guitar parts.  I stayed after the lesson to record the guitar parts first on a new project so that I was certain that everything would be in time for next session. Whilst recording the guitar i did come across some issues when it came to playing it back. The microphone that was recording the amp was picking up quite a lot of noise from the room. As well as this the slot where the guitar lead connects to the amp was making a rattling noise. A member of staff suggested that i bring my own. As the guitar i own currently has 4 strings, my peer offered to bring his in next session.
In this next session I had to start from scratch. Whist i waited for my peer to arrive, I started by setting up the studio and getting the equipment that I needed. Today I used a Roland amp , a microphone for the amp and also an epiphone guitar. Everything was recorded in time!!!


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