Unit 8 – Week 4

This week Joe was going to record the piano in the studio but insisted on recording in the midi room. I was quite sceptical about this as we had had some major issues about timing problems previously. Joe mananged to get the piano recorded and it sounded really good! When Joe had finished i decided to record my guitar sections through the sound card in the midi room as a guide. Whilst recording through the sound card I managed to get a much clearer sound and I also got it done a lot quicker. In comparison to the recording through the amp, the recording through the sound card sounded a lot better for this song which was surprising.
Next session we rehearsed the song again and we also had Ollie playing on drums this time.
The last session of the week Hallum recorded bass and Luke recorded some guitar. After two takes both were recorded . After this I went to the midi room to start mixing.


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