Unit 8 – The Underground Theatre

For part of unit 8 we had to do a live performance. This performance we held at The Underground Theatre in Eastbourne. At around 4 a clock we had to go for a sound check to make sure all the equipment was organised for the performance later on in the day. After the sound check i went home to sleep then returned at about 7. Whilst waiting i tuned the guitar that i was using. In terms of the performance overall it didn’t sound to bad. The main issue that i faced whilst playing was that i couldn’t hear a thing that i was playing. I only knew i was in time as i could hear Ollie and Hallum playing.Throughout the whole performance i was under the impression that i was playing quietly. Especially as i wasn’t using a pick to play. Another issue was the lack of time we practice. This is clear as certain parts were a bit all over the place. The last issue that i faced was my amp settings. As i couldn’t hear anything i didn’t realise how sharp my guitar sounded. This differs quite drastically in comparison to the sound of my guitar on my final mix. Although this performance wasn’t perfect, it was a whole load better then the Christmas gig we did.

Starts at 19:30


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