Unit 8 – Week 6

In this week I started to mix my song. Initially I had thought that when the song was going to be mixed I wouldn’t be that involved as my peer who played the piano seemed more eager to do it himself. But as my peer was mixing on the old version which included the two different guitar tones on the rhythm guitar and had also left in the verse that was dragging the song on, I decided to just mix the newer version. So far my main focus is to sort out the drums and find a better kit then the one I’m using at minute. The reason being is that the one i have at the minute is a loop off of ultra beat and just repeats throughout which i personally find quite annoying. Whilst rehearsing in the previous weeks, my peer that was playing the drums kept the drums quite hidden in the back ground and also varied the way he was playing during certain sections. So my aim is to almost mimic how he played through midi.



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