Unit 8 – Week 7

This week i carried on sorting out my mix for my song. I looked through the drum loops and found a southern drum loop that played for a few bars. I copied the loop throughout the song then removed parts that i didn’t want. The main section where i removed drums were after the first chorus.  I mimicked this idea from the drummer that i had been rehearsing with. As well as removing the drums to mimic the drummer, i decided to continue removing the drums so that it would stop playing completely and then build up with the hi hat, snare and kick drum into the chorus. I also had a chance to listen to my peers mix of the same song. Although he hasn’t made the same changes that i suggested and made to my mix, his does sound alright. Beside from the additional verse and the two different rhythm guitars, in his mix the drums are one of the differences that separate our mixes. As well as this my peer has kept in the lead guitar through the chorus which i removed. After listening through my own mix with the lead guitar playing through the chorus i used automation to lower the volume so that it couldn’t be heard. I did this as the rhythm guitar during the chorus couldn’t really be heard due to the other guitar playing over it. Without it playing, the chorus sections sound a lot less cluttered up. In the chorus i have a bass, piano, drums and one guitar playing now. Another thing that i also included in mine which wasn’t in my peers mix is a very quick slide at the start that i included. The last difference that i picked up on which was to be expected was that the piano on his was louder then mine. As he played the piano i think that is understandable. For me the drums on his mix sound incredibly repetitive and don’t change at all throughout the whole song. As well the drums sound quite distracting and loud. For all of the reasons above i do believe that mine sounds better then my peers but I’m unsure which one will be on the album.


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