Author: carimamans

Week 4 – Recording

Today we decided as a group that we wanted to record rhythm guitar for the backing track. As well as this we needed to sort out a key change during the bridge section. We only managed to record the rhythm guitar which I played through the DI. This session was probably the least productive out of all the ones since we’ve been back. I think this happened because the group is a bit one sided in terms of contribution to the project. For me this is a bit frustrating as it feels as if i’m doing a solo project instead of a group one. By the end of the session we didn’t have any progress besides the rhythm guitar.


Week 4 – MIDI

Today’s session was quite similar to our last MIDI session. We all worked separately on logic. I arranged my mix so it was set out in a clear way so that I had an introduction, verses, a bridge and choruses. I decided to do this as our previous run through with Joes and Jacks backing track were quite unorgaised. I also added some guitar through the verses as they seemed quite empty.  I recorded the guitar through the sound card.

Week 3 – Recording

Today our main goal was for me to record the lead melody on guitar and to also arrange where and when we would be playing and where the backing track would take over. As well as this we needed to pan the metronome so that the backing track would be ready for our next performing session. I did eventually get round to recording the guitar through a DI to get a rough demo of the melody.

Week 3 – MIDI

In MIDI today we decided as a group that we would work individually to work on the backing track. By the end of the lesson Joe had made the most progress in terms of layering several instrument over one another. The out come of both of our songs were quite different. Mine consisted of mainly different sound effects layered. Whereas Joe’s had a lot of orchestral sections. In mine i changed the drum beat and added a loop which sounded more realistic.

Week 3 – Performance

Today in performance we started going through our project with the video clip projected whilst we played. For the first part of the session we played through in the band room whilst we waited for the stage to be free. When the stage was free we had the video playing and went through what we had. When doing this we realised that what we had at that time was very repetitive. As this was the case we now know that our main priority will be to make sure the backing track complements the video very well.

Week 2 – Recording

In recording we decided to start off by recording the intro for our sound to picture project. This did take quite awhile to do as we were getting a bit distracted and restless. As a group we decided to record over Joe’s string ensemble. Joe recorded piano. Myself and Jack recorded bass and lead guitar through a DI to get a rough demo. Once we have the structure and demo sorted we will be using microphones to record through amps. By the end of the lesson we did have the intro of the song recorded. Next lesson we’re going to get the verses recorded.

Week 2 – MIDI

In our MIDI session today we decided to merge two videos together so that we would have a longer video to work with for our project. Jack merged the videos together whilst the rest of the group experimented with some ideas to use as a backing track. By the end of the session we all had something to contribute. Jack came up with quite an upbeat composition which changed the whole mood of the song into a much happier sounded accompaniment to the video. We haven’t decided if we’re going to use it in the final piece as it is in a different key. Joe added stings along to the bass line for the intro. In mine i added strings, piano, bass and also guitar.