Unit 8 – Week 7

This week I carried on sorting out my mix for my song. I looked through the drum loops and found a drum loop that played for a few bars. I copied the loop throughout the song then removed parts that I didn’t want. The main section where I removed drums were after the first chorus.  I mimicked this idea from the drummer. I also had a chance to listen to my Joes mix of my song. Beside from the additional verse and the two different rhythm guitars, in his mix the drums are one of the differences that separate our mixes. As well as this my peer has kept in the lead guitar through the chorus which I removed. After listening through my own mix with the lead guitar playing through the chorus I used automation to lower the volume. I did this as the rhythm guitar during the chorus was being drowned out . Without it playing, the chorus sections sound a lot less cluttered up. The last difference that I picked up on which was to be expected was that the piano on his was louder then mine. For me the drums on his mix sound incredibly repetitive and don’t change. In term of the quality of both mixes I don’t know if mines better, mainly because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Its mostly trial and error.


Unit 8 – Week 6

In this week I started to mix my song. Initially I had thought that when the song was going to be mixed I wouldn’t be that involved as i was under the impression that Joe wanted to do it himself. But as my Joe was mixing on the old version which included the two different guitar tones on the rhythm guitar and had also left in the verse that was dragging the song on, I decided to mix the newer version. So far my main focus is to sort out the drums and find a better kit then the one we’re using at the minute. The reason being is that the one I have at the minute is a loop off of ultra beat and just repeats throughout which I personally find quite annoying. Whilst rehearsing in the previous weeks, Ollie kept the drums quite hidden in the background and also varied the way he was playing during certain sections. So my aim is to almost mimic how he played through midi.


Unit 8 – Week 5

This week I had a lot less to do then in past weeks. In this session I listened back over the tracks that had been recorded. I noticed that I had played my guitar parts on two separate guitars and therefore two different types of tones were recorded. As everything else had been recorded I decided to re recorded the guitar throughout the whole song. Listening back to the song it did seem to drag on especially at the end. So I decided to remove the last verse. In the next rehearsal I discussed the changes with everyone else so that everyone knew what was going on.

Unit 8 – Week 4

This week Joe was going to record the piano in the studio but insisted on recording in the midi room. I was quite sceptical about this as we had had some major issues about timing problems previously. Joe mananged to get the piano recorded and it sounded really good! When Joe had finished i decided to record my guitar sections through the sound card in the midi room as a guide. Whilst recording through the sound card I managed to get a much clearer sound and I also got it done a lot quicker. In comparison to the recording through the amp, the recording through the sound card sounded a lot better for this song which was surprising.
Next session we rehearsed the song again and we also had Ollie playing on drums this time.
The last session of the week Hallum recorded bass and Luke recorded some guitar. After two takes both were recorded . After this I went to the midi room to start mixing.

Unit 8 – Week 3

This week Hallum recorded a rough copy of what he was going to record on Bass which brings the song to life quite a bit.
In the next session we listened through and realised the tracks -were out of time. As I was playing to the piano that Joe had recorded, all of the guitar parts were also out of time. Thankful only the piano and guitar parts had been recorded. I stayed after the lesson to record the guitar parts on a new project so that I was certain that everything would be in time for next session. When I left the studio EVERYTHING WAS IN TIME!!!!!!!

Unit 8 – Week 2

In today’s session I planned to re record the acoustic guitar. Unfortunately it still isn’t sounding quite right against the piano that Joe had recorded. By the end of the session I had recorded an electric guitar through a DI .

In this rehearsal session we arranged who was going to play the bass and also the lead guitar. I spent most of the time going through what the chords were. After we went through the structure and chords of the song we were able to rehearse through.

Unit 8 – Week 1

In this first week we were told about unit 8 and what we needed to do to pass all of the units. I wasn’t to certain what I was going to do for unit 8 but by the end of it I had a verse for my song . At the moment the song consists of piano and acoustic guitar. After the chords were worked out, Joe and I rehearsed through the song a couple times.

In the next session I planned to record an acoustic guitar and also the piano. The piano was recorded so we copied and pasted the sections so I could play over the top of the piano. This definitely took longer then expected. Parts of the track seemed to go at a different speed to how I wanted to originally play the guitar parts which contributed to such a long time being spent on recording it. To record the guitar we used a microphone and plugged it around the desk. As the piano parts took a while to record I just had to adjust the speed I was used to playing at. For next session I definitely need to re record the acoustic guitar as it didn’t sound quite right.