Week 2 – Performance

In today’s performance session we had all the members of the group in. This included the Pianist, the bass player and the guitarist. The pianist hadn’t been in for the first week so myself and the bass player went through the chords that we had and the melody. Once the pianist was up to date, we played through a few times and also worked out a section were the song breaks down.


Week 1

This week mainly consisted of an introduction to the second year. We went through what we were going to be doing and what we needed to do to pass the year. In our first recording session myself and Jack came up with an idea for a song on the guitar and bass which was quite catchy. We ended up recording it through a DI into logic. In performance we started looking at video ideas and we all ended stumbling across the same video. In midi we decided on the video we had previously all seen. We all started to come up with some ideas individually. In the end we agreed to use the chord progression that i used in mine. In recording as only two of us were in we decided to try and work out some bass and guitar. We did end up recording some bass which followed the bass line of the piano which i recorded the day before and i recorded a melody on the guitar.

Unit 8 – Research

The idea for the unit 8 song first came about after listening to “Some Unholy War” by Amy Winehouse off of her album Back To Black. After I had heard this version i began to practice it on guitar. After listening to it over a few times I listened to the down tempo version on the same album which I really liked even more.

Another song that somewhat contributed to my song was the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles. Although this song didn’t have an overall influence on my song, elements of it did push me to change the mood of my song. The verses of the song were definitely swayed more towards Amy Winehouse’s style. The choruses definitely lift the song up and that’s the feeling I took away from ” Hotel California”.

During the recording process for unit 8 certain issues definitely stand out more then others. The main one being timing. Although the timing issues that occurred during unit 8 weren’t down to my timing, I have found this experience helpful in many ways. After finally solving these issues I did some research into the important of using a metronome whilst recording.

The most recent documentary I watched was Supersonic. I did expect good things from this documentary and it didn’t fail to meet my expectations. As well as being eye opening to the bands struggles through the 90s, it also was very amusing with commentary from both Liam and Noel Gallagher throughout. The documentary was leading up to Oasis playing at Knebworth where they performed to 125,000 people.


Unit 8 – Week 7

This week I carried on sorting out my mix for my song. I looked through the drum loops and found a drum loop that played for a few bars. I copied the loop throughout the song then removed parts that I didn’t want. The main section where I removed drums were after the first chorus.  I mimicked this idea from the drummer. I also had a chance to listen to my Joes mix of my song. Beside from the additional verse and the two different rhythm guitars, in his mix the drums are one of the differences that separate our mixes. As well as this my peer has kept in the lead guitar through the chorus which I removed. After listening through my own mix with the lead guitar playing through the chorus I used automation to lower the volume. I did this as the rhythm guitar during the chorus was being drowned out . Without it playing, the chorus sections sound a lot less cluttered up. The last difference that I picked up on which was to be expected was that the piano on his was louder then mine. For me the drums on his mix sound incredibly repetitive and don’t change. In term of the quality of both mixes I don’t know if mines better, mainly because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Its mostly trial and error.

Unit 8 – Week 6

In this week I started to mix my song. Initially I had thought that when the song was going to be mixed I wouldn’t be that involved as i was under the impression that Joe wanted to do it himself. But as my Joe was mixing on the old version which included the two different guitar tones on the rhythm guitar and had also left in the verse that was dragging the song on, I decided to mix the newer version. So far my main focus is to sort out the drums and find a better kit then the one we’re using at the minute. The reason being is that the one I have at the minute is a loop off of ultra beat and just repeats throughout which I personally find quite annoying. Whilst rehearsing in the previous weeks, Ollie kept the drums quite hidden in the background and also varied the way he was playing during certain sections. So my aim is to almost mimic how he played through midi.


Unit 8 – The Underground Theatre

For part of unit 8 we had to do a live performance. This performance we held at The Underground Theatre in Eastbourne. At around 4 a clock we had to go for a sound check to make sure all the equipment was organised for the performance later on in the day. After the sound check i went home to sleep then returned at about 7. Whilst waiting i tuned the guitar that i was using. In terms of the performance overall it didn’t sound to bad. The main issue that i faced whilst playing was that i couldn’t hear a thing that i was playing. I only knew i was in time as i could hear Ollie and Hallum playing.Throughout the whole performance i was under the impression that i was playing quietly. Especially as i wasn’t using a pick to play. Another issue was the lack of time we practice. This is clear as certain parts were a bit all over the place. The last issue that i faced was my amp settings. As i couldn’t hear anything i didn’t realise how sharp my guitar sounded. This differs quite drastically in comparison to the sound of my guitar on my final mix. Although this performance wasn’t perfect, it was a whole load better then the Christmas gig we did.

Starts at 19:30

Unit 8 – Week 5

This week I had a lot less to do then in past weeks. In this session I listened back over the tracks that had been recorded. I noticed that I had played my guitar parts on two separate guitars and therefore two different types of tones were recorded. As everything else had been recorded I decided to re recorded the guitar throughout the whole song. Listening back to the song it did seem to drag on especially at the end. So I decided to remove the last verse. In the next rehearsal I discussed the changes with everyone else so that everyone knew what was going on.